About Us

Lucy Marie™ is a denim brand founded on the principles of classic styles, quality denim and a flawless fit. Our jeans feature the patent pending "Lucy Lift," a custom butt lift technique that creates lift and support for the derriere. Our jeans are proudly made in America.

Lucy Marie Denim was created in 2013 by a team brought together in Kansas City. Drawing inspiration from the Brazilian fashions that celebrate a woman's figure, the team put a uniquely American touch to the jeans.

Who is Lucy Marie? Lucy Marie Denim is named after the mother of founder Kerry Duffin’s, Lucele Marie. Lucy Marie Denim draws inspiration from Lucele’s life and how she lives it, simply, kindness and love to all. Lucele to this day has a full order list of requests for hand sewn garments and gifts for friends. A stranger may enter Lucele’s house but will always leave as a friend, inevitably been sent on their way bearing gifts of homemade wildflower arrangements, hand sewn gifts or homemade cookies.

Who is the founder? Kerry Duffin, founder of Lucy Marie Denim first stumbled upon this whole concept years ago in South Beach Miami. While doing research on another project Kerry was working on at the time, he observed an abundance of women with spectacular figures all wearing denim. After inquiring in a local boutique as to what the denim was, he was told they were “Bunda Linda” or “butt lift” jeans. The idea stuck with Kerry and as he mentioned it to more and more women, the response was always the same, “where can I get a pair?”. This response was so common and explicit that it inspired Kerry to pursue developing a denim line strictly handcrafted in America following the principles of quality, elegance and delivering a flawless fit. Having been blessed with a mother and a father who encourage Kerry to pursue his passion, thus Lucy Marie Denim was born.


It has been a wonderful experience to bring these jeans to you. We know you will love with them!





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