25 Ways To Treat Yourself

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Whether you’re counting down to candy hearts or dreading the day’s arrival, February 14th is almost here. We believe that in order to love others well, you must first take care of yourself. From February forward, make time to treat yourself. We promise you deserve it.

    1. Have a candle-lit bubble bath with mellow music
    2. Get dolled up to dine alone at your favorite restaurant
    3. Spend the day in pursuit of the perfect red lipstick
    4. Give yourself a lazy Saturday in sweatpants
    5. Turn off all tech for 24 hours (bonus points for the whole weekend!)
    6. Plan a dessert potluck and invite your very best friends
    7. Dance around your kitchen like no one’s watching
    8. Perform an at-home facial, complete with cucumber slices
    9. Buy flowers for yourself and put some in every room
    10. Raise your confidence levels with a pair of booty-boosting jeans (and shamelessly admire how great you look in them for as long as you’d like)
    11. Cook yourself an indulgent five-course meal
    12. Make popcorn and marathon through your favorite films
    13. Explore the local nature preserve you’ve always wanted to visit
    14. Connect with your creative side through writing or painting
    15. Go to bed early without setting an alarm
    16. Pop open a bottle of wine and toast to living fully
    17. Put on your fuzziest robe and curl up with a good book
    18. Take a drive down scenic backroads to clear your head
    19. Practice yoga or meditation to find your zen zone
    20. Call an old friend just to catch up
    21. Try at-home aromatherapy
    22. Find an art gallery or museum and be inspired by the different cultures
    23. See your favorite musician perform live
    24. Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure
    25. Let go of anything bringing you stress - you have the freedom to choose

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Secrets of Simple Elegance

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A life of luxury and sophistication isn’t an invite-only event reserved for the stars strutting the red carpet. True and simple elegance is a state of mind and a crucial part of living The Lucy Life. Getting there is easier than you think.

1) Eliminate The Excess Stress

Meditate on the things that are most important to you. If something doesn’t make the cut, kick it to the curb. Kindly curtsy your way out of toxic friendships, mediocre jobs, and harmful habits. Make room for spaces that allow you to grow, opportunities to do what you desire, and people that make you come alive.

2) Embrace Confidence

There’s a reason “nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman” pops up in your Twitter feed five times a week. It’s because it’s true! Flaunt your fearlessness and shamelessly appreciate every inch of your body. Know your worth and take enormous amounts of pride in what you believe in. Share those selfies and show the world what you’re made of.

3) Show Grace + Kindness

It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Learn the freedom of forgiveness and the bubbly-like-champagne joy that comes from giving a compassionate compliment. Smile at food service and retail employees and overuse “thank you so much.” Say buh-bye to bitterness and bad vibes while welcoming graciousness and goodwill with an open heart.

4) Choose Quality Over Quantity

Whether it’s food, fashion, or relationships, quality always trumps quantity. Those organic peaches will give you more energy than that candy bar from the vending machine. The perfect pair of premium denim will survive many more spin cycles than the markdowns at the mall ever could. Having a few fabulous friends is better than a phone book full of frenemies.

5) Live In The Moment

Stop speeding through meals and savor every bite. Break out the good china to eat takeout on a Wednesday night. Climb a mountain instead of trudging away on the treadmill. Turn off the notifications and turn up the music. Be totally present and completely in love with the moment you are in.

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31 Little Things to Enjoy in Life

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Live for the little things because they are always there. Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder than others. 
We know you love the big things, like family, friends, and time well spent together, but make time in your life to enjoy and appreciate little simple pleasures like these every day, too! 

  1. Warm, homemade cookies 
  2. Giving someone a gift 
  3. Morning workouts 
  4. Good hair days 
  5. A great pair of jeans (Lucy Marie Denim of course) 
  6. Picking flowers 
  7. Walks on the beach
  8. Inside jokes 
  9. A clean kitchen 
  10. New adventures 
  11. Smiles from strangers
  12. Fresh air 
  13. Random acts of kindness
  14. Going to bed without setting an alarm 
  15. Weekend getaways 
  16. Dancing in the rain
  17. Listening to a kid talk about life  
  18. Making new friends 
  19. A lazy Sunday 
  20. A good night's sleep 
  21. Successful DIY projects 
  22. Taking a great picture
  23. Handwritten letters 
  24. Happy kids
  25. Sunny days and blue skies 
  26. A great playlist 
  27. Breakfast in bed
  28. Squats at the gym
  29. Roadtrips 
  30. Funny movies
  31. Finding lost things

Share the little things that make your life wonderful and hashtag #TheLucyLife. <3 

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5 Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

Posted on January 18, 2015 by Lucy Marie | 2 Comments

Always keep these quotes close by so that you can live a confidently beautiful 2015! #TheLucyLife 

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Making Life Fit You

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Life is too short for anything that doesn't fit. 

And no, we're not just referring to your jeans. Your job, your relationship, your diet, whatever. Slow down, just for a moment, and think about what fits you in your life. Then, whatever doesn't - let it go. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Here, we live life in the moment. We value friendship, hospitality, and simplicity. This is a place where you are always welcome. Set aside time in your days to accentuate the positive - pick flowers, bake cookies, share stories and enjoy each moment. They say you don't know what you have until it's gone - but, you also don't know what you're missing until you make time for it. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Infuse the world with more compliments and positive energy. Live with love for all, including yourself. Embrace all your curves, your strengths, and your imperfections. Flaunt the features that you do have and don't worry about whatever you don't. Stop trying to fit into life and instead, create life in a way that fits you. Your [life]style should keep you active and allow you the flexibility to move, so don't let anything hold you back. 

When you live #TheLucyLife, you can do anything. Be fearless and always take chances because you know that life goes go. Pursue your passions with courage and integrity, while encouraging others to do the same. A touch of simple elegance will take you far. 

Welcome to Lucy Marie. Our goal is to uplift your life with comfort and confidence. We invite you to lay back and live with us. <3 

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Almost Here!

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The sampling is done, the shrink tests are complete and our first shipment is almost here! It has been a long development process, who knew going into the Lucy Marie project that it would take close to two years to develop the perfect pair of Lucy Marie butt lift jeans. We are proud of our final product, the fit is absolutely amazing. We can hardly get the jeans back from our fit models! The quality and finish far exceeded our wildest dreams. We look forward to you , our customers enjoying our jeans. We think you will absolutely love them.

Look for on sale announcements soon!

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