5 Booty Boosting Moves For Summer

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We believe in the power of movement. That’s why we make jeans that move with you and won't hold you back. And even though every pair features our innovative Lucy Lift butt lifting technology, it’s important to keep active on your own. These are some of our favorite tush toning tricks.

5 Booty Boosting Moves For Summer

1.) Tush Tightener

While on all fours, stretch one leg out to the side. Pulse your leg up and down about an inch at a steady pace. (Photo:Prevention)

Tush Tightener via Prevention

2.) The Power Squat

Place your hands behind your head and align your elbows with your body. Squat in preparation to leap and then jump as high as you can. Upon landing, immediately squat and pop up again. Do as many of these as you can within 60 seconds. (Photo: Women’s Health)

Power Squat via Women's Health

3.) Wall Sit

Place your back against a sturdy wall and slide down until your knees form a right angle. Hold this position for as long as you can, rest, and repeat three times. Bonus points: place your hands behinds your head while keeping your back flat against the wall. (Photo: Skinny Mom)

The Wall Sit from Skinny Mom

4.) Leg Lifts

Lay on your back with your hands resting under your hips. Lift your legs so that the bottom of your feet are facing the ceiling and then lower your legs until they are a few inches from the floor. Repeat three times in sets of 15. (Photo: Skinny Mom)

Leg Lifts via Skinny Mom

5.) Full Body Donkey Kick

Beginning in an elbow plank, lift one leg off the ground and bend so that the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling. Without twisting your hips, push your foot toward the ceiling as high as you can. (Photo: PopSugar Fitness)

Donkey Kick via PopSugar Fitness

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40 Ways To Live Fully

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Life is too short for “somedays” and “should haves.” We’re only given 24 hours each day and we believe in making the most of every last minute - it's what #TheLucyLife is all about. We challenge you to take on 10 of these tips this week and tweet us your results.

  1. Smile more
  2. Dance like Beyoncé is watching
  3. Encourage everyone
  4. Laugh loudly
  5. Give generously
  6. Show grace
  7. Wake up an hour earlier
  8. Savor every meal
  9. Wear bright colors
  10. Sing at the top of your lungs
  11. Take long drives with the windows down
  12. Travel often
  13. Ask more questions
  14. Turn off the technology
  15. Spend time outside
  16. Quit complaining
  17. Let go
  18. Fall in love
  19. Try something new
  20. Never settle
  21. Stay in the moment
  22. Watch the sun set and rise
  23. Stop the gossip
  24. Take care of your body
  25. Make new friends
  26. Learn as much as you can
  27. Dream bigger
  28. Talk less
  29. Wear clothes that make you feel unstoppable
  30. Test your limits
  31. Flaunt your features
  32. Swim in the saltwater
  33. Escape the ordinary
  34. Find the silver lining in every situation
  35. Surround yourself with good people
  36. Collect moments, not things
  37. Believe in magic and miracles
  38. Stay silly
  39. Love yourself
  40. Love others

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Ten Denim Trends To Try This Spring

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In all it’s forms, denim is the one fabric that fashion will never give up on. Simple skinny jeans are fabulous, but we encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new this year.

Denim On Denim via Who What Wear

1.) Denim on denim

Dare to go from head to toe! Socialite Olivia Palermo stops street style cams with this look all the time. (Photo: Who What Wear)

2.) Shorts, shorts, shorts!

Flaunt your features and show some leg. Stay tuned to the Lucy Marie shop to grab a pair to wear anywhere!

Bell Cut Denim on

3.) Big, bold, bell cuts

The ‘70s are back in a big way. It’s time to wear those wide-legs hiding in the back of your closet. Start with a Lucy Marie boot cut! (Photo:

Stylish Denim Skirt via Tuula

4.) Stylish skirts

A good jean skirt is anything but old school and frumpy. The key is finding the right fit and length! (Photo: Tuula)

The Frisky in Overalls

5.) Overalls

Reconsider this ‘90s staple and rock it. It’s up to you whether you want a full length leg or a shorter cut - whatever you’re most comfortable in! (Photo: The Frisky)

Sincerely, Jules in a Chic Denim Dress

6.) Chic shirtdress

A great go-to when you’re in a rush, but still want to look your best. It’s a super versatile piece that looks fabulous with heels or sneakers. (Photo: Sincerely, Jules)

Distressed + Destroyed via For All Things Lovely

7.) Distressed + destroyed

Jeans are the only item of clothing that still look great shredded, ripped, and ragged - a true testament to the power of denim! (Photo: For All Things Lovely)

Detailed Denim via Stitch Fix

8.) Detailing

Make a serious statement with gorgeous detailing and a modern twist. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to keep the focus on this fresh trend. (Photo: Stitch Fix)

Patchwork Denim via Stone Muse

9.) Patchwork perfection

An unquestionably cool choice. We dare you to DIY this one using denim scraps or jeans that don’t fit anymore and tweet us with the finished product! (Photo: Stone Muse)

Blogger Sharing My Sole in Lucy Marie Denim

10.) Light wash

Darker washes are always relevant, but a light wash can be just as chic - especially when it’s Lucy Marie Denim! Play up this look with contrasting tones like bright blue or pops of neon. (Photo: Sharing My Sole)

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5 Timeless Pieces Every Woman Should Own

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Spring cleaning is just around the corner and it’s time to get rid of anything in your life that no longer fits. Dump your drawers of trendy items that you’ll never wear again and toss out anything that makes you feel less than or not enough. Shift your focus to creating a wardrobe that is totally timeless. Classic style is achieved when versatility and comfort collide. These are the five must-haves to keep in your closet year round.

1. Signature Black Dress

Whether it’s a mini, a maxi, or anything in between, a black dress that makes you feel fabulous is priceless. Whether it’s short and strapless or floor length with a full sleeve, it’s important to find the style that fits you flawlessly. On it’s own, a black dress is simple elegance embodied but can become instantly elevated with statement shoes or jewelry.

2. White Tee

Finding this basic staple is not as simple as you think. The best white tees are loose without being baggy, figure flattering without being too tight, and light without being super sheer. Whether you prefer crew necks or a deep v cut, the ideal white top will accentuate your positives and provide a touch of effortless beauty to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to hunt for this one - it’s so worth it!

3. A Great Pair Of Jeans

Give a girl a great pair of jeans and she can conquer the world. There’s nothing like the perfect fit to boost your comfort and confidence levels. Dark wash denim will never go out of style and can be paired with absolutely anything. Dress them up with heels and a nice blouse or keep it simple with a graphic tee and flats.

4. Chambray Shirt

Chambrays are classic, casual, and chic for women of every age and size. The material is soft, feminine, and light enough to wear in the summer or layer when it snows. It’s an easy go-to in any scenario, whether you’re wearing it to work or spending Saturday afternoon at home.

5. A Cozy Cardigan

Cardigans were created for year-round comfort, not just chilly days in December. Your choices are totally endless, so let your personality shine through in everything from color and pattern to knit style and length. It’s a wear-with-anything necessity that can cure your winter blues and look completely chic paired with denim shorts on a summer night.

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Find Your Flawless Fit

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No more dressing room drama. You deserve denim that makes you feel comfortable and completely confident - it all starts with the perfect fit. Find your most flattering cut with our denim style guide.


Skinny styles like our cigarette cut will accentuate your assets in all the right places. Add dimension by cuffing your jeans at the bottom or by wearing cropped lengths. High and mid waists will highlight your natural curves, but a low rise could cause a muffin top situation. Avoid faded effects - they can make your hips looks much wider!

Tall + Slim

Play up your proportions with fitted flares. One of your best bets will be bootcuts that are tight around the thighs and flare at the knee. A low rise waist will make your torso appear longer and faded/distressed denim will help to break up length.


High waisted jeans with a narrow leg were made for you! A straight leg cut will help to balance your body, while playing up your curves. Fight the urge to hide under boxy and baggier styles - flaunt those features!

Short + Petite

Looser fitting boyfriend style jeans can give off the illusion of curves, but don’t skip on the skinny jeans altogether. Too many thin women shy away from tight jeans in fear of drawing more attention to what they don’t have. Our Lucy Lift technology gives you a guaranteed booty boost that will bring back your self-confidence. Added bonus: dark wash skinny jeans will make your legs look longer.

When in doubt: Go for a bootcut or straight leg. These are universally flattering fits that look great on almost every woman. The subtle A-line style of the bootcut makes thighs and calves appear thinner, while straight leg cuts are timeless and always elegant. Dark washes create the leanest leg line, so choose colors like clean indigo, jet blue, or black if you’re looking for a slimming silhouette.

Still have questions? Tweet us @LucyMarieDenim and we’ll help you find your perfect fit!

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6 Style Quotes To Live By

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When you live #TheLucyLife, you know that style is about so much more than having a closet full of clothes. It’s a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of life. It’s about knowing who you are and never settling for less than the perfect fit.

Make these quotes part of your manifesto and live in comfort, confidence, and style.

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How To Uplift Your Confidence

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Here at Lucy Marie, we live simply and fully. We choose collaboration over comparison and would rather pick flowers instead of fights. We embrace curves and aren’t afraid to flaunt our features. We believe that confidence is the key to having a life you love - and we’re confident that you’re six steps away from finding it.

What does confidence mean to you?

1.) Confidence is dressing for yourself and no one else. It’s looking in the mirror and smiling back at your reflection. It’s wearing skinny jeans and lipstick to run errands because you know that when you look good, you feel good. It’s having your own sense of style and never feeling the need to overdress to gain anyone’s attention.

2.) Confidence is having no fear of the unknown. It’s choosing to ditch doubts and be excited about the endless possibilities. It’s shaking off your worries about tomorrow and living in the moment. It’s believing that the best is yet to come.

3.) Confidence is thinking positively. It’s crushing cynical self-talk like a cockroach. It’s showing yourself grace and forgiveness when you make a mistake. It’s reminding yourself that life is good and you are fiercely free.

4.) Confidence is showing kindness. It’s extending acceptance to the outcast. It’s quietly complimenting someone on their character. It’s being generous with your time and energy with the ones you love.

5.) Confidence is taking risks. It’s trusting that you’ve already got what it takes. It’s daring to dream bigger than any of your friends. It’s a willingness to share your story and encourage others to do the same.

6.) Confidence is knowing your worth. It’s learning to love your own company and the person you’re becoming. It’s knowing that your value doesn’t depend on what someone else says about you. It’s being absolutely certain that you are not defined by Instagram likes or a number on a scale.

What does confidence mean to you? Share it with us on Twitter by using #TheLucyLife.

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