The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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If you're wondering where the heck August came from, we are right there with you. Summer is sadly winding down, so to help you make the most of every last moment, we've put together an awesome bucket list for you to tackle this month! Don't forget to hashtag your summer memories with #TheLucyLife! 

#TheLucyLife Summer Bucket List

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10 Songs for Your Summer Playlist You Won't Hear on the Radio

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Warm, sunny summer weather is great. but what's one thing that can always make it better?  Great music!  It's difficult to keep up with all the hot new artists on the rise, so, lucky for you, we've compiled this list.  You won't hear any of these songs repeating on the radio every 5 minutes (at least not yet) because we want to give some love to all the independent/up-and-coming artists who deserve it.  So, here's our list of 10 songs that we feel are must-haves for your summer 2015 playlist!

10 Songs for Your Summer Playlist You Won't Hear on the Radio

1. Miracles by McBeth - Get in the summer mood with this pop rock track.  The catchy chorus and beautiful harmonies are great for a sunny day.

2. Cherry Moonshine by Tarra Layne - This song has a classic rock vibe with a hint of country.  Powerful vocals with just the right amount of attitude compliment the music perfectly.

3. Ghost Town by Danielle Barbe - This pop rock track has smooth vocals and a melody that's sure to have you singing along on those summer drives.

4. Southern Curves by Sydney Hutchko - A cool blend pop and rock country with a chorus that will have you singing along by the end of the song.

5. Midnight by Shaun Novak - A pop rock song with a hint of alternative influence.  An infectious melody that pulls you in from the beginning.

6. Oceans by Coasts - This alternative/indie track screams summer from the lyrics, to the music, and even the title.

7. Hypnotech by Johnny Stimson - If you feel like doing some fun summer dancing, this dance/funk song is a perfect choice to get your night started.

8. Young And Free by Sucre - The gritty bass at the beginning of this electronic/dance/pop track will get you moving, and the beautiful vocals will hold your attention throughout.

9. Reflections by MisterWives - A unique blend of folk and electronic pop music.  MisterWives are creating their own genre and ensuring a promising future for themselves.

10. For You by Fickle Friends - Dancy, pop track with a slight rock vibe that is perfect for warm, sunny drives.

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