Find Your Flawless Fit

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No more dressing room drama. You deserve denim that makes you feel comfortable and completely confident - it all starts with the perfect fit. Find your most flattering cut with our denim style guide.


Skinny styles like our cigarette cut will accentuate your assets in all the right places. Add dimension by cuffing your jeans at the bottom or by wearing cropped lengths. High and mid waists will highlight your natural curves, but a low rise could cause a muffin top situation. Avoid faded effects - they can make your hips looks much wider!

Tall + Slim

Play up your proportions with fitted flares. One of your best bets will be bootcuts that are tight around the thighs and flare at the knee. A low rise waist will make your torso appear longer and faded/distressed denim will help to break up length.


High waisted jeans with a narrow leg were made for you! A straight leg cut will help to balance your body, while playing up your curves. Fight the urge to hide under boxy and baggier styles - flaunt those features!

Short + Petite

Looser fitting boyfriend style jeans can give off the illusion of curves, but don’t skip on the skinny jeans altogether. Too many thin women shy away from tight jeans in fear of drawing more attention to what they don’t have. Our Lucy Lift technology gives you a guaranteed booty boost that will bring back your self-confidence. Added bonus: dark wash skinny jeans will make your legs look longer.

When in doubt: Go for a bootcut or straight leg. These are universally flattering fits that look great on almost every woman. The subtle A-line style of the bootcut makes thighs and calves appear thinner, while straight leg cuts are timeless and always elegant. Dark washes create the leanest leg line, so choose colors like clean indigo, jet blue, or black if you’re looking for a slimming silhouette.

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Making Life Fit You

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Life is too short for anything that doesn't fit. 

And no, we're not just referring to your jeans. Your job, your relationship, your diet, whatever. Slow down, just for a moment, and think about what fits you in your life. Then, whatever doesn't - let it go. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Here, we live life in the moment. We value friendship, hospitality, and simplicity. This is a place where you are always welcome. Set aside time in your days to accentuate the positive - pick flowers, bake cookies, share stories and enjoy each moment. They say you don't know what you have until it's gone - but, you also don't know what you're missing until you make time for it. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Infuse the world with more compliments and positive energy. Live with love for all, including yourself. Embrace all your curves, your strengths, and your imperfections. Flaunt the features that you do have and don't worry about whatever you don't. Stop trying to fit into life and instead, create life in a way that fits you. Your [life]style should keep you active and allow you the flexibility to move, so don't let anything hold you back. 

When you live #TheLucyLife, you can do anything. Be fearless and always take chances because you know that life goes go. Pursue your passions with courage and integrity, while encouraging others to do the same. A touch of simple elegance will take you far. 

Welcome to Lucy Marie. Our goal is to uplift your life with comfort and confidence. We invite you to lay back and live with us. <3 

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Almost Here!

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The sampling is done, the shrink tests are complete and our first shipment is almost here! It has been a long development process, who knew going into the Lucy Marie project that it would take close to two years to develop the perfect pair of Lucy Marie butt lift jeans. We are proud of our final product, the fit is absolutely amazing. We can hardly get the jeans back from our fit models! The quality and finish far exceeded our wildest dreams. We look forward to you , our customers enjoying our jeans. We think you will absolutely love them.

Look for on sale announcements soon!

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