5 Booty Boosting Moves For Summer

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We believe in the power of movement. That’s why we make jeans that move with you and won't hold you back. And even though every pair features our innovative Lucy Lift butt lifting technology, it’s important to keep active on your own. These are some of our favorite tush toning tricks.

5 Booty Boosting Moves For Summer

1.) Tush Tightener

While on all fours, stretch one leg out to the side. Pulse your leg up and down about an inch at a steady pace. (Photo:Prevention)

Tush Tightener via Prevention

2.) The Power Squat

Place your hands behind your head and align your elbows with your body. Squat in preparation to leap and then jump as high as you can. Upon landing, immediately squat and pop up again. Do as many of these as you can within 60 seconds. (Photo: Women’s Health)

Power Squat via Women's Health

3.) Wall Sit

Place your back against a sturdy wall and slide down until your knees form a right angle. Hold this position for as long as you can, rest, and repeat three times. Bonus points: place your hands behinds your head while keeping your back flat against the wall. (Photo: Skinny Mom)

The Wall Sit from Skinny Mom

4.) Leg Lifts

Lay on your back with your hands resting under your hips. Lift your legs so that the bottom of your feet are facing the ceiling and then lower your legs until they are a few inches from the floor. Repeat three times in sets of 15. (Photo: Skinny Mom)

Leg Lifts via Skinny Mom

5.) Full Body Donkey Kick

Beginning in an elbow plank, lift one leg off the ground and bend so that the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling. Without twisting your hips, push your foot toward the ceiling as high as you can. (Photo: PopSugar Fitness)

Donkey Kick via PopSugar Fitness

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