Top Fashion Bloggers Who Rock at Styling Denim

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Trends come and go, but denim is forever. These fashion bloggers prove just that in these incredible, non-so-traditional denim looks! 

1.) Elaine Daneshrad of Fashionlaine

She even recently confessed that she's not the biggest fan of jeans (probably because she hasn't tried Lucy Maire yet.. just sayin'), but we say she's a great source for some overall denim inspiration 

2.) Jessica Galfo of Dressed by Jess

From flawlessly flaunting our jeans to effortlessly styling white skinnies or denim shorts, this gal knows the importance of having denim staples in your wardrobe! 

3.) Caitlin Lindquist of Dash of Darling

Ripped denim has never looked so classy. We're obsessed with Caitlin's polished style and amazing photos that any wanderluster is sure to envy. 

4.) Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon

Polka dot denim, head-to-toe denim, denim on denim, white denim - you name it, she can kill it. 

5.) Care McLeay of A Fashion Love Affair

She knows what's up, "you just can't go wrong picking up a great pair of jeans for the fall season". 

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Ten Denim Trends To Try This Spring

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In all it’s forms, denim is the one fabric that fashion will never give up on. Simple skinny jeans are fabulous, but we encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new this year.

Denim On Denim via Who What Wear

1.) Denim on denim

Dare to go from head to toe! Socialite Olivia Palermo stops street style cams with this look all the time. (Photo: Who What Wear)

2.) Shorts, shorts, shorts!

Flaunt your features and show some leg. Stay tuned to the Lucy Marie shop to grab a pair to wear anywhere!

Bell Cut Denim on

3.) Big, bold, bell cuts

The ‘70s are back in a big way. It’s time to wear those wide-legs hiding in the back of your closet. Start with a Lucy Marie boot cut! (Photo:

Stylish Denim Skirt via Tuula

4.) Stylish skirts

A good jean skirt is anything but old school and frumpy. The key is finding the right fit and length! (Photo: Tuula)

The Frisky in Overalls

5.) Overalls

Reconsider this ‘90s staple and rock it. It’s up to you whether you want a full length leg or a shorter cut - whatever you’re most comfortable in! (Photo: The Frisky)

Sincerely, Jules in a Chic Denim Dress

6.) Chic shirtdress

A great go-to when you’re in a rush, but still want to look your best. It’s a super versatile piece that looks fabulous with heels or sneakers. (Photo: Sincerely, Jules)

Distressed + Destroyed via For All Things Lovely

7.) Distressed + destroyed

Jeans are the only item of clothing that still look great shredded, ripped, and ragged - a true testament to the power of denim! (Photo: For All Things Lovely)

Detailed Denim via Stitch Fix

8.) Detailing

Make a serious statement with gorgeous detailing and a modern twist. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to keep the focus on this fresh trend. (Photo: Stitch Fix)

Patchwork Denim via Stone Muse

9.) Patchwork perfection

An unquestionably cool choice. We dare you to DIY this one using denim scraps or jeans that don’t fit anymore and tweet us with the finished product! (Photo: Stone Muse)

Blogger Sharing My Sole in Lucy Marie Denim

10.) Light wash

Darker washes are always relevant, but a light wash can be just as chic - especially when it’s Lucy Marie Denim! Play up this look with contrasting tones like bright blue or pops of neon. (Photo: Sharing My Sole)

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