10 Body Positive Morning Mantras

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The way you start your day makes all the difference. Take time to build a morning routine that you can't wait to wake up to. Create your own confidence by making these morning mantras your own. Don't forget to share your favorites with us on Twitter!

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How To Uplift Your Confidence

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Here at Lucy Marie, we live simply and fully. We choose collaboration over comparison and would rather pick flowers instead of fights. We embrace curves and aren’t afraid to flaunt our features. We believe that confidence is the key to having a life you love - and we’re confident that you’re six steps away from finding it.

What does confidence mean to you?

1.) Confidence is dressing for yourself and no one else. It’s looking in the mirror and smiling back at your reflection. It’s wearing skinny jeans and lipstick to run errands because you know that when you look good, you feel good. It’s having your own sense of style and never feeling the need to overdress to gain anyone’s attention.

2.) Confidence is having no fear of the unknown. It’s choosing to ditch doubts and be excited about the endless possibilities. It’s shaking off your worries about tomorrow and living in the moment. It’s believing that the best is yet to come.

3.) Confidence is thinking positively. It’s crushing cynical self-talk like a cockroach. It’s showing yourself grace and forgiveness when you make a mistake. It’s reminding yourself that life is good and you are fiercely free.

4.) Confidence is showing kindness. It’s extending acceptance to the outcast. It’s quietly complimenting someone on their character. It’s being generous with your time and energy with the ones you love.

5.) Confidence is taking risks. It’s trusting that you’ve already got what it takes. It’s daring to dream bigger than any of your friends. It’s a willingness to share your story and encourage others to do the same.

6.) Confidence is knowing your worth. It’s learning to love your own company and the person you’re becoming. It’s knowing that your value doesn’t depend on what someone else says about you. It’s being absolutely certain that you are not defined by Instagram likes or a number on a scale.

What does confidence mean to you? Share it with us on Twitter by using #TheLucyLife.

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Secrets of Simple Elegance

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A life of luxury and sophistication isn’t an invite-only event reserved for the stars strutting the red carpet. True and simple elegance is a state of mind and a crucial part of living The Lucy Life. Getting there is easier than you think.

1) Eliminate The Excess Stress

Meditate on the things that are most important to you. If something doesn’t make the cut, kick it to the curb. Kindly curtsy your way out of toxic friendships, mediocre jobs, and harmful habits. Make room for spaces that allow you to grow, opportunities to do what you desire, and people that make you come alive.

2) Embrace Confidence

There’s a reason “nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman” pops up in your Twitter feed five times a week. It’s because it’s true! Flaunt your fearlessness and shamelessly appreciate every inch of your body. Know your worth and take enormous amounts of pride in what you believe in. Share those selfies and show the world what you’re made of.

3) Show Grace + Kindness

It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Learn the freedom of forgiveness and the bubbly-like-champagne joy that comes from giving a compassionate compliment. Smile at food service and retail employees and overuse “thank you so much.” Say buh-bye to bitterness and bad vibes while welcoming graciousness and goodwill with an open heart.

4) Choose Quality Over Quantity

Whether it’s food, fashion, or relationships, quality always trumps quantity. Those organic peaches will give you more energy than that candy bar from the vending machine. The perfect pair of premium denim will survive many more spin cycles than the markdowns at the mall ever could. Having a few fabulous friends is better than a phone book full of frenemies.

5) Live In The Moment

Stop speeding through meals and savor every bite. Break out the good china to eat takeout on a Wednesday night. Climb a mountain instead of trudging away on the treadmill. Turn off the notifications and turn up the music. Be totally present and completely in love with the moment you are in.

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5 Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

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Always keep these quotes close by so that you can live a confidently beautiful 2015! #TheLucyLife 

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Making Life Fit You

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Life is too short for anything that doesn't fit. 

And no, we're not just referring to your jeans. Your job, your relationship, your diet, whatever. Slow down, just for a moment, and think about what fits you in your life. Then, whatever doesn't - let it go. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Here, we live life in the moment. We value friendship, hospitality, and simplicity. This is a place where you are always welcome. Set aside time in your days to accentuate the positive - pick flowers, bake cookies, share stories and enjoy each moment. They say you don't know what you have until it's gone - but, you also don't know what you're missing until you make time for it. 

Lucy Marie Denim

Infuse the world with more compliments and positive energy. Live with love for all, including yourself. Embrace all your curves, your strengths, and your imperfections. Flaunt the features that you do have and don't worry about whatever you don't. Stop trying to fit into life and instead, create life in a way that fits you. Your [life]style should keep you active and allow you the flexibility to move, so don't let anything hold you back. 

When you live #TheLucyLife, you can do anything. Be fearless and always take chances because you know that life goes go. Pursue your passions with courage and integrity, while encouraging others to do the same. A touch of simple elegance will take you far. 

Welcome to Lucy Marie. Our goal is to uplift your life with comfort and confidence. We invite you to lay back and live with us. <3 

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