20 Ways To Build Others Up

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Lucy Marie Denim - Build Others Up

Our top priority at Lucy Marie is to make women feel amazing about who they are. We exist to encourage women to flaunt their features and own their curves instead of being embarrassed and ashamed of their body.

The world needs less critics and more compliments. Join us in living #TheLucyLife by learning how to build up the people in your own life…

  1. Compliment their character, not their looks
  2. Skip small talk and empty gossip
  3. Send small gifts and cards just because
  4. Opt for a nice lunch instead of drinks at a noisy bar
  5. Phone calls and FaceTime > text messages and tweets
  6. Ask them about their passions
  7. Make time to listen
  8. Remember and acknowledge big events beyond birthdays
  9. Ask how you can encourage them
  10. Keep them accountable and motivated to achieve goals
  11. Always tell the truth with love
  12. Invite them to try something new
  13. Avoid comparisons at all costs
  14. Point out strengths as soon as you see them
  15. Be excited about their dreams and ambitions
  16. Offer (and be ready to) to help in any way that you can
  17. Challenge them to set higher goals and bigger dreams
  18. Make them laugh
  19. Love unconditionally, even if you don’t agree with some of their choices
  20. Treat them with unlimited respect

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