25 Ways To Treat Yourself

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Whether you’re counting down to candy hearts or dreading the day’s arrival, February 14th is almost here. We believe that in order to love others well, you must first take care of yourself. From February forward, make time to treat yourself. We promise you deserve it.

    1. Have a candle-lit bubble bath with mellow music
    2. Get dolled up to dine alone at your favorite restaurant
    3. Spend the day in pursuit of the perfect red lipstick
    4. Give yourself a lazy Saturday in sweatpants
    5. Turn off all tech for 24 hours (bonus points for the whole weekend!)
    6. Plan a dessert potluck and invite your very best friends
    7. Dance around your kitchen like no one’s watching
    8. Perform an at-home facial, complete with cucumber slices
    9. Buy flowers for yourself and put some in every room
    10. Raise your confidence levels with a pair of booty-boosting jeans (and shamelessly admire how great you look in them for as long as you’d like)
    11. Cook yourself an indulgent five-course meal
    12. Make popcorn and marathon through your favorite films
    13. Explore the local nature preserve you’ve always wanted to visit
    14. Connect with your creative side through writing or painting
    15. Go to bed early without setting an alarm
    16. Pop open a bottle of wine and toast to living fully
    17. Put on your fuzziest robe and curl up with a good book
    18. Take a drive down scenic backroads to clear your head
    19. Practice yoga or meditation to find your zen zone
    20. Call an old friend just to catch up
    21. Try at-home aromatherapy
    22. Find an art gallery or museum and be inspired by the different cultures
    23. See your favorite musician perform live
    24. Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure
    25. Let go of anything bringing you stress - you have the freedom to choose

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