31 Little Things to Enjoy in Life

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Live for the little things because they are always there. Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder than others. 
We know you love the big things, like family, friends, and time well spent together, but make time in your life to enjoy and appreciate little simple pleasures like these every day, too! 

  1. Warm, homemade cookies 
  2. Giving someone a gift 
  3. Morning workouts 
  4. Good hair days 
  5. A great pair of jeans (Lucy Marie Denim of course) 
  6. Picking flowers 
  7. Walks on the beach
  8. Inside jokes 
  9. A clean kitchen 
  10. New adventures 
  11. Smiles from strangers
  12. Fresh air 
  13. Random acts of kindness
  14. Going to bed without setting an alarm 
  15. Weekend getaways 
  16. Dancing in the rain
  17. Listening to a kid talk about life  
  18. Making new friends 
  19. A lazy Sunday 
  20. A good night's sleep 
  21. Successful DIY projects 
  22. Taking a great picture
  23. Handwritten letters 
  24. Happy kids
  25. Sunny days and blue skies 
  26. A great playlist 
  27. Breakfast in bed
  28. Squats at the gym
  29. Roadtrips 
  30. Funny movies
  31. Finding lost things

Share the little things that make your life wonderful and hashtag #TheLucyLife. <3 

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